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Potato industry

We make it our business to know your buisiness. It is our job to know your market, to know your production processes and the way you use our potato products. We can support you in many different ways, be it with know-how regarding the various applications of our dehydrated potato products or with retail and foodservice packaging issues or questions regarding ingredients used in the multitude of potato applications within the snack food industry. Rixona’s products meet the highest standards. We have perfected our production process in such a way that the quality of our potato flakes and potato granules does not vary, even during periods of great fluctuations in potato qualities. Therefore we are able to supply our customers a high quality potato products, all year round.

Potato snacks & potato pellets

A wide variety of technologies is used in the production of potato snacks. The most common method is by means of extrusion with indirect expansion. A widely used base product for the production of potato snacks is potato pellets, which is a dry semi-finished product with a long shelf life. It is obtained by gelatinization of starch-containing raw materials and water to be formed by high pressure extrusion technology, the result of which is dried down to approximately 12% moisture of less.

Potato granules and potato flakes or a mixture of both are the basic raw materials used in the production of potato pellets. Potato granules are typically used to obtain a strong potato taste and crispy end product. Potato flakes are mainly used for their binding properties because of their higher content of free starch. To finish the actual snack, the pellets are oil-fried or puffed in hot air and subsequently flavored. Another method of snack production is through extrusion with direct expansion. Due to the particular properties of starch-containing potato products this production process of snacks does not require frying. To finish the snack only flavoring is commonly needed. Basic properties such as hot and cold viscosity, water retention an reducing sugar contents are what make various types of granules and flakes especially suitable for different types of snack. Rixona, as main supplier for the snack industry has four lines for the production of potato granules and ten lines for the production of potato flakes. The flexibility of its organization allows Rixona to adapt its dried potato products to the specific needs of its customers.

Bread and bakery

Potato granules and flakes have also established themselves as ingredients for the bread and bakery industry. They improve taste and texture of the bread and have a direct influence on the shelf life of bread; they extend the freshness of products without having to rely on too many E-number additives. Last but not least, their water binding capacity has a positive influence during the production process. Every European country will have its own traditional bread and Bakery recipes in which potato flakes and granules are mixed-in directly into the dough of potato bread, rye bread, white bread, unleavened and short pastry. Potato flakes make bread fluffy and easy to cut. Furthermore, by using potato flakes and granules as ingredients, production will be up to between 7-12% more efficient. So cost saving aspects also comes into the equation. For bread and bakery we recommend Potato Granules (hydrations is from 4 to 6 units> and Whole Potato Flakes (hydration is from 5 to 7 units). They can easily be us in a mixture with flour.

The advantages are:

  • Improved water binding as compared to flour
  • Better browning of the baked product
  • Gives smoother texture and more flexibility to the bread crust and loaf in general
  • Improves shelf life
  • Potato flakes can be used to enhance the flakiness of turnovers and improve the texture of patties

Instant Mash Potato

The food service industry and retail sector have discovered that potato granules and flakes are indispensable products for the production of may different easy to prepare products such as potato croquettes, gnocchi, other potato varieties, ravioli with potato mix fillings, ready meals etc. In order to be able to offer its customers a high quality sable product to work with Rixona has developed its potato granule MPG-A. it has excellent freeze/ thaw properties; the granules retain their characteristics and taste.