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Clarity, fairness, and ensuring the highest standards

About us

We add value and contribute to greater benefit for our customers.

Discover what our tasty potato products can do for you

About us

IN-RENE d.o.o. is a family-owned company based in Maribor, specializing in the sale of dehydrated potato products for over 30 years. Throughout the years, we have been the exclusive representative of AVIKO RIXONA from the Netherlands, which, over the last 60 years, has become the leading manufacturer of dehydrated potato granules and potato flakes worldwide. Our common goal is to build a long-term partnership based on transparency, fairness, and ensuring the highest standards of quality. This forms the foundation for a winning situation for you and your customers. More on rixona

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AVIKO RIXONA's products can be found on all continents around the world, and our company is responsible for sales in the markets of the former Yugoslavia and beyond. With their assistance and expertise, we can provide added value to our customers and contribute to greater benefit with the right product for each individual's specific requirement, whether you are active in the food industry, catering, or retail. For more information, visit the link. rixona