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Instant mashed potato to everyone's taste

The global demand for tasty, healthy and natural food is increasing. Rixona's potato products mirror these current trends. Our instant mashed potato meets demands for tastier and healthier products and also satisfies the increasing need to prepare food quickly and easily. Rixona makes its instant mashed potato directly from thresh potatoes, which guarantees the consumer a minimum loss of nutritional value. Furthermore, we offer a variety of mashed potato products to meet the needs of all groups - from a single- person household to large families. The perfect mashed potato, packed in the ideal way. Different variations (flakes or granules) : Basic mashed potato,Mashed potato with milk (powder) and spices- with or without salt,Mashed potato with added vegetables,Mashed potato for stews, Mashed potato for oven dishes. More on: rixona

Packaging solutions

4 x 125 gr 3 x 110 gr 3 x 115 gr 6 x 85 gr

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Instant potato mash

Aviko Rixona has ideal instant potato products that every kitchen needs, from easy soluble products requiring no heating to a wide range of recipes specifically developed for the professional kitchen. Do you have special requests? We can develop products to meet your exact requirements, using specific ingredients. The care we take in the recipe is the care we also take in the packaging of our potato products: Rixona will find a customized solution whenever you need it. Different variations (flakes or granules) : Mashed potato with milk powder (from skimmed to full milk),mashed potato for cold preparation,mashed potato for Cook & Chill, low salt varieties, mashed potato for stews etc… More on: rixona

Packaging solutions

4 x 4,5 kg 6 x 2,5 kg 5 kg 20 kg 25 kg

Package industry

Usage flakes & granules

Aviko Rixona's products are indispensable for many applications such as mashed potato dishes, ready made meals, pet food, the bakery sector as binding agents ( they improve taste and texture of the bread and have a direct influence on the shelf life of bread, they extend the freshness of products without having to rely on too many E-number additives ) or in restaurants for soups and sauces and of course as base material for the snack food industry. Improved water binding as compared to flour, texture of the mixture, freeze-thaw stability, better browning of the baked product, gives smoother texture and more flexibility to the bread crust and loaf in general, increased shelf life of the final products. Also used for breading meat products,... More on: rixona

Packaging solutions

10-25 kg bags 400-1000 kg big bags (Depending on the flakes sizes)

Potato cheezz

Plant-based cheese alternative made from potatoes: deliciously creamy, great mouth feel and excellent melting

There is no more denying it, plant-based foods are booming and consumers are increasingly gravitating towards food without animal products. The rise of plant-based food is a huge gamechanger for the food sector. Aware of this development, Aviko Rixona, a renowned producer of dried potato products, was eager to explore the potential of extracting even more added value from potatoes! The company is now the first in the market to launch Potato Cheezz : the new plant-based alternative to cheese, made from potatoes. Potato Cheezz is the ideal vegetable substitute for cheese in finger foods, snacks, pasta's, bakery, meat substitutes and more. A special version of Potato Cheezz is available for use as a topping on pizza or gratin. Potato Cheezz comes in different varieties. The natural variant is salt-free, fat-free and contains natural fibres. Upon request, Potato Cheezz can perfectly replicate the flavors of natural cheese, Gouda cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. More on : rixona

Packaging solutions

10 kg block